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Straitjacket Catsuit

Straitjacket Catsuit

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The LeatherPrison Straitjacket Catsuit has some unique features to confine you in leather from head to toe.

First up, every inch of the suit is made from the finest leather. Wether its the soft supple Sheep leather or the firmer and more restrictive Cow leather, every inch of your body will be covered.

A zip from the top of the hood down to the base of the back allows the subject to get the suit on. With zips at the ankles and the wrists, the job is made even easier and the wearer can get themselves into most of the suit themselves. They only need that final hand to pull the hood into place.

Nose holes are added by default, but we are happy to add mouth holes as well should you need them. Also there is a choice of linings. From simple cotton or satin that feels great on the skin through to complete leather inside and out. The warmth of the leather as it sits next to yuour skin is something special.

The sleeve ends are more akin to that of a straightjacket, with buckles on each sleeve that allows the included strap to be pulled tight, forcing the wearer into a straitjacket style hug!

The zips can all be padlocked, so once trapped inside you will have no way out until your captor releases you.

Bedtime attire? Or just a great way to keep your slave all bundled in head to toe leather !

This suit is intense! It feels so wonderful slipping yourself into the leather, but hearing that zip close and the faint snap of the padlock securing you inside, you realise just how stuck you are"

All suits are made to measure to provide the perfect fit.

Production time for the Straitjacket Catsuit is approximately 20 days



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