Questions and Answers

What happened to FREE SHIPPING ?

With this new website we have restructured all pricing for all products and also the shipping.

In the past we included shipping costs into all pricing, but we have managed to secure new shipping deals with DHL and by stripping the shipping out from the product price, we can pass on better deals to our customers going forward.

So hopefully you will get more for you money!

I don't know what leather to buy or what lining to go for

We offer our products in different leather weights. These are SHEEP, COW 1mm and COW 1.3mm.

Sheep is lovely and soft and ideal for those items where you want comfort and the leather to mould to your body quickly and be soft to the touch. It does not last as long as COW leather though, which is why things like biker jackets are always made from COW leather.

Cow leather offers great durability, strength and will last the test of time if handled right. It's ideal for bondage items such as straitjackets and sleepsacks as it it long lasting.

When it comes to the lining, this is more a personal decision. Cotton or satin are lighter, cheaper and cooler but present problems with sweat and cleaning as you cant just wipe the lining down like you can leather.

Leather next to the skin as a lining is a lovely touch but does make the item thicker and can create extra heat when wearing the item.

The best advice re choosing the weight of leather is how you plan to use the item and how long you want it to last. The best advice re the lining is how you like your leather jackets - what lining you would buy if buying a jacket as that may be your best option for the item you are looking to purchase.

I’ve seen these products elsewhere for sale

Some of these products have been on sale on previously.

Some are unique products to this website.

But as mentioned elsewhere, our success has meant other websites steal our images and copy our products so you may see our images on random websites but trust us when we say these companies are illegally stealing our images and using them without our consent.

There are items like yours on sale much cheaper elsewhere

Since the designs went into production, we have found that other companies have copied them. Not only that but have even stolen images from us and the old GlaciaLeather website to use as their own.

We are hoping that by rebranding and having such a clear brand image, the customer can easily spot a quality product made by us and be able to tell the cheap imitations easily.

There is nothing worse than seeing an amazing image online, buying it to than receive it and finding out the product in reality does not match the expectations or the images seen.

We hope that the customers we have made products for speak to the quality of our products. We try and provide the best quality we can for a fair price.

You don’t have many items on sale right now, why?

We believe in offering quality not quantity.

The products we have on sale we have spent time and effort in perfecting. We understand how each item is used and what needs attention when it comes to designing and making each product.

Over time we will add more and more products to the list. So be sure to keep checking back with us.

Can you turn my crazy idea into a real product?

That’s an easy YES.

If you have an idea for something you want to have made, or an idea of a product you think we should sell, then get in touch with us. We would be happy to explore new product or new design ideas with you.

Is my money and data secure with you?

We only use the best in terms of online security and payment methods.

All of your data is completely safe with us. It is your data after all so if you need to know what data we have collected, then please email us and we would be happy to send you through a copy of anything on file.

You can ask for it to be deleted at any time.

Production time

Every item we create is made from scratch to fit your measurements. We take time to create patterns for every customer and our experienced team have created these many times so can sometimes spot errors with supplied measurements. We communicate our concerns regarding any measurements or designs to the customer to make sure the end product is perfect.

Depending on the time of year and the amount of orders in hand means production time can vary, but on average it is around 20 days.

Import and customs charges

We use DHL for delivery of all our packages. We fill out all customs forms and box the items up professionally in unbranded boxes.

When a package arrives in the destination country, we have no control over how the package is handled. This could mean that the items are subject to import and customs charges in your area. Please be aware that any such charges are the customers responsibility and LeatherPrison cannot be held liable for any such charges. 

We have been very lucky with our deliveries to various countries but you should always try and find out what your local import charges are. For example recently we have seen a change in France and also Germany as they tighten down on imports and a couple of customers have had to pay import charges on deliveries.

So please, if in doubt, check with your local government websites on such matters.

There is nothing we can do if the package gets picked up by customs and they ask you to pay import charges.

Returns policy

Due to the nature of these items and the fact that every item is custom made to fit and suit your requirements, LeatherPrison does not offer an exchange or return policy.

We will however work with you as much as possible to ensure that you are happy with each and every purchase.

The measurement process is key to each item being made correctly and we cannot be responsible for emasurements you have sent to us that are incorrect. We always advise customers to have a second person take the measurements for them and if possible to do them twice to make sure they are accurate.

If any item arrives with you in a faulty condition we will of course take full responsibility to put the fault right.

Discounts and promotions

We run promotions as and when we are able to and as a result of having some spare capacity to create orders.

If you are a customer who has purchased from us previously and would like to place a new order, then we are more than happy to offer you a best price we can to keep you happy, so get in touch and if a promotion is not running, we will present you with a discount code you can use at checkout.

Terms and conditions

All of our products are custom made. A customer has the right to cancel their order but must do so within seven days via email otherwise production on their custom item might have started. If this is the case and production has started, LeatherPrison will do what they can to help and refund all money but may not be able to refund 100% of the money paid if the item being made cannot be re-used on another order.

LeatherPrison cannot be held responsible should measurements provided by the customer be incorrect. Likewise LeatherPrison cannot be held responsible for wrong orders if the order has been agreed with the customer just after placing the order.

In the event of any items not being up to standard, LeatherPrison will do everything in its power to remedy the situation. If the fit is not right due to incorrect measurements provided LeatherPrison will always do what it can to help the customer receive a new replacement.

LeatherPrison cannot be held responsible for misuse of any items and the customer accepts full responsibility in using each product carefully and safely.