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Sleepsack extra straps

Sleepsack extra straps

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Sometimes customers ask us for that little bit extra. This is one of those occasions.

The bondage sleepsack we sell is the perfect bondage experience. You won't be getting out until somebody unzips you and eases your arms out of the pockets inside the sack.

But add extra straps to the outside of the sack and suddenly the sleepsack looks even more intense. Complete bondage just took another step forward !

Depending on the height of the person the sleepsack is being made for - we can add enough straps to cover the sack - but taller people may end up with one or two more straps that shorter people. On average though we add a further six straps to the sack.

This can be purchased on its own, or with a sack at the same time.

All products are made to measure to provide the perfect fit.

Production time for the Sleepsack straps is approximately 20 days.

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