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Puppy Suit

Puppy Suit

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Our customers make the best designers !

This Puppy suit is quite a bondage trip. Being forced into a setup where your legs are held bent so all you can do is use your knees to move around on, but with your arms wrapped around your body straitjacket style you probably wont be moving far as your arms are useless to you.

With a rear zip, you will be zipped up, then the straps at the rear fastened - and the neck strap tightened. Your arms strapped around your body. What will you do - rest on your back - be chained into a different position. One thing for sure you won’t be getting out until whoever put you there lets you out.

Add your favourite hood to the scene (note that any hoods seen in these images are not included in the price) and you will be encased from head to foot in leather. Access to your rear, crotch, head are all there, so whilst you can’t do anything about your bondage, you will certainly be able to be used and abused.

Not for the faint hearted - quite an intense bondage trip.

The prices below vary due to the amount of quilting on the suit. The basic suit comes with no quilting, then there is quilting on the hands elbows, through to full quilting throughout. The standard colour for the suit is black but if you want a grey and black version to match our quilted suit and sj, just ask !

Please note that this suit does not come with an attached hood, but there is an option to add one in the pricing below. The hood, if chosen will be a simple full hood with nose holes.

If you require any different configurations on the hood holes, please either send us an email or add some notes to the order.

All products are made to measure to provide the perfect fit.

Production time for this item is approximately 20 days.

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