New Website

New Website

Welcome to the new website for LeatherPrison.

We launched LeatherPrison back in 2022 and thought it was now time to mix things up a little after feedback from our great customers during that time.

Thank you for bearing with the old website. It served it's purpose in launching the business, but now we need to improve things.

So the new website has a few key changes.

Simplified pricing.

Each item has had it's shipping charges separated from the total cost of the item. Shipping will be calculated at checkout depending on where you live and the overall weight of the order.

So there is no longer free shipping included in the price - which is why the prices for each item appear lower than before.

Currency selector.

Use the drop down to change currency so you can see what the product costs in your own currency rather than seeing everything in UK pounds.

Simplified ordering.

The hope is that the website is now cleaner and easier to find things and you can order things more easily.

Please let us know any features that are missing from the website or you would like to see.


The LeatherPrison team.

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