Christopher Fetish x LeatherPrison

Christopher Fetish x LeatherPrison

We are pleased to announce the following:

The Christopher Collection by LeatherPrison

A unique collaboration between LeatherPrison and fetish artist / leathercrafter Christopher.

The ultimate leather bondage designs brought to you through a unique partnership. 

Designs were discussed. Patterns were created and refined. Prototypes tested to ensure the highest quality fit and finish. Materials were scrutinised, and hardware, zippers and findings of the highest quality were sought out. Each piece designed to provide a lifetime of service with appropriate care. 

Available for possibly a limited time, and subject to change without notice. 

The Christopher Collection by LeatherPrison

Each piece is made-to-measure for you by talented craftsmen of LeatherPrison, with worldwide shipping directly (and discreetly) to your door. Made with pride in Pakistan. 



“Partnering with LeatherPrison allows me to bring my designs to a wider audience than I could ever hope to do on my own. By using LeatherPrison’s skilled labor and global shipping logistics, we create the highest-quality gear at a price I could not otherwise achieve. My goal has always been to get my ideas (and actual designs) out into the world, and this collaboration helps make that happen.” 

“These designs are creative collaborations: the fruit of a partnership between myself and the designers and craftsmen of LeatherPrison.” 

“We decided to focus on the problem areas for ordering fetish gear online: Trust, communication, quality and price. 

“We wanted to combat the knock-offs that proliferate in online marketplaces, often using my images to sell poor-quality, cheap, ill-fitting copies. So step 1 was to create a place for authentic pieces made to my specifications and patterns, using quality materials. Each piece comes with documentation certifying authenticity.”

“Communication is another area where we focused our efforts. Getting accurate measurements, and making sure the piece is built the way you want it is another potential pitfall of online ordering. LP takes the time to get these parts right. Each piece has a custom order measurement chart. We will even contact you if something doesn’t look quite right on the measurements. We help you through the process each step of the way.”

“Quality of materials is one place where the knockoffs fall apart. We only use YKK zippers and heavy duty bonded nylon thread. Genuine leather (no cheap patchwork splits or fake stuff). And we make sure it works by real-world testing of prototypes and patterns, refined until they’re just right.”

“Price is important, which is where the labor comes in. Because there is so much hand work and expertise involved in custom leather production, it’s difficult to produce such items in the USA at competitive prices. By using LeatherPrison’s workshop in Karachi, Pakistan, we are able to offer world-class, highly skilled craftsmanship at relatively affordable prices.”

“We hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to buy one of these unique pieces and enjoy it for years to come. Depending on the success of this offering, other designs may be added to the collection in the coming months.”


“When we first started chatting with the legend that is Christopher, we were very aware of his skills and talents at designing works of art, let alone bondage pieces. I don’t think I have ever talked with somebody who is so down to earth and modest regarding their skills and it became very clear early on that a partnership between him and us was something we really wanted to make happen. It’s never easy trying to make things work but our shared vision on quality and not cutting corners was an area that made things easy going forward. His attention to detail has really helped us as a company not only create this unique piece but also bring similar details to our other products.”

“This collection starts off with the quilted sleepsack but this is not the only product we plan to release with this collection and we look forward to bring more of Christopher’s unique designs to customers over the coming months and years.”

“Knowing the products we have created have been tested by the man himself just gives us such pride and we hope all customers who purchase this new collection will enjoy the items for many many years to come.”

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