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Understanding Leather

At LeatherPrison we offer some of the products in different kinds of leather, so understanding these different types is important to make sure you know what you are buying.

There are three main types of leather we use. These are:


Sheep Leather

Sheepskin leather is oten used in clothing as it has a lovely soft, smooth touch and can be very lightweight. It is also desireable as it adjusts to the body with use due to its stretch.

If you want an item to be as comfortable as possible and feel like it fits like a glove when worn, then sheep leather is the one for you. When it comes to the more serious use for some of the bondage items on sale here, we would suggest changing the leather to cow leather as this provides a much better wear over time and will resist all those knocks and abuse the gear may get.

A potential downside to sheep leather is due to it’s lightweight nature, it can over time be prone to damage.

Perfect for comfort

Cow Leather

In terms of strength, durability and toughness cowhide is considered the best option than most other types of leather.

You probably have come into contact with cow leather in such items as motorcycle jackets.

Cowhides do come in a variety of different thickness’s and these options may be presented on various products. We use both 1mm and 1.3-1.4mm thickness options.

When it comes to knowing that the leather will stand up to the job of keeping somebody secure, then cow leather is the way to go, but with that you do lose some stretch and softness.

Strong and very securing !

Latigo Leather

Latigo leather is nothing more than Cow leather, but it has been specifically designed for outdoor use and hard wearing items such as straps, where the leather needs to stand up to being used constantly.

All of the straps on the items sold on our products are made from Latigo unless otherwise specified.

It is the 'go to leather' for straps.

Perfect for all those straps