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Your Questions Answered

 I’ve seen these products elsewhere for sale

Some of these products have been on sale on previously. Some are unique products to this website. 

  So why start a new website?

As the original business of GlaciaLeather has expanded the company has found that it had two areas of leather production. Fashion items and bondage items. The idea is to separate out the two areas and allow each to have a better presence on the web.

  There are items like yours on sale much cheaper elsewhere

Since the designs went into production, we have found that other companies have copied them. Not only that but have even stolen images from GlaciaLeather to use on their own websites. We are hoping that by rebranding and havign such a clear brand image, the customer can easily spot a quality product made by us and be able to tell the cheap immitations easily. There is nothing worse than seeing an amazing image online, buying it to than receive it and finding out the product in reality does not match the expectations or the images seen.

  You don’t have many items on sale right now, why?

The idea was to launch this website / business later in 2022, but due to demand and other factors, we wanted to get things going so people could see the great quality of the products we do have and know where they came from

  The gallery images are great, how do I add mine to the gallery?

If you buy one of our products and are happy to share some images then we would love to put those onto our gallery. We will also provide you with links back to your own websites of social media accounts if you want. To top it all off we will be happy to then give you a 10% discount on any future orders!

  Can you turn my crazy idea into a real product?

That’s an easy YES. if you have an idea for something you want to have made, or an idea of a product you think we should sell, then get in touch with us. We would be happy to explore new product or new design ideas with you.

  Is my money and data secure with you?

We only use the best in terms of online security and payment methods. All of your data is completley safe with us. It is your data after all so if you need to know what data we have collected, then please email us and we would be happy to send you through a copy of anything on file.
You can ask for it to be deleted at any time.

  Import and customs charges

To protect the value of the packages we send out, we will always put the full value of the items ordered on the customs labels when sending the packages out for delivery. This could mean that the items are subject to import and customs charges in your area. Please be aware that any such charges are the customers responsability and LeatherPrison cannot be held liable for any such charges. 

We have been very lucky with our deliveries to various countries but you should always try and find out what your local import charges are. For example recently we have seen a change in France as they tighten down on imports and a couple of customers have had to pay import charges on deliveries.

So please, if in doubt, check. There is nothing we can do if the package gets picked up by customs and they ask you to pay import charges.

  Returns policy

Due to the nature of these items and the fact that every item is custom made to fit and suit your requirements, LeatherPrison does not offer an exchange or return policy. We will however work with you as much as possibel to ensure that you are happy with each and every purchase.